In The Beginning

Why We Started Distributing Craft Beer

Early on, we attracted fans who deemed themselves suitably worthy of consuming our bold brews, but as for enticing distributors? Eh, not them so much. They didn’t understand our beer or know how to sell it. Ah, but that prompted an outlandish thought: What if we not only started distributing our own beer, but beer made by a bunch of other “little guys” as well? Amassing an eclectic portfolio of amazing craft beer served as our means to scoring shelf space and keg placement. The lesson: It pays to work well with others. Really, it was just a natural way of tapping into the generous spirit that flows freely in the craft beer community.

“Our mission is to show people that there's a better way.”


Fast Forward to Today

Our distributorship has evolved from carting around kegs and cases of beer in a beloved Ford Aerostar minivan to a fleet of refrigerated, biodiesel-powered trucks. We’re as passionate as ever about craft brands, from the first affiliate brand we brought on in 1999 to the dozens we shepherd today. We’re still the trusted experts who embrace our role as beer stewards, and take pains to match the right beer with the right account. As we can attest, trying to build account relationships with just one brewery in your arsenal (no matter how amazing) can be a challenge. Having world-class beers from dozens of breweries, as we do now, makes a world of difference.